“To  eradicate violence and social inequities among youth and marginal communities”

The work and purpose of the Baldwin Delaney Institute  is to teach critical thinking , critical decision and dialogue strategies to youth, families and non-traditional adult learners to assist in the eradication of violence. We also seek to engage resources – from within the community, the church and the academy -to undo the latent sources of decision-making that foster the carceral thinking (fixed psychic points) locking our community in a pandemic of pathological non-critical thinking and deadly decision making behaviors.

“I am urgently concerned with finding an end to youth violence…the streets are deadly because we have abandoned them, intellectually, socially, and spiritually. A somewhat informed glance at Dr. King reveals he was an intellectual who chose community over academy, privileged people over publishing, embraced being a prophet over being a professor, and Christ over chaos. The postmodern disciple might carry her/his “cross” through the academy, but the witness of the gospel is to the ‘uttermost part of the earth’ beyond it. I am just seeking clarity and strength for the great call for justice that lies ahead…”

-EL Kornegay, Jr. Ph.D., Founder & Director, The Baldwin Delaney Institute